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hello peeps ! welcome to super awesome. insan yang cemerlang datang nya dari akal hati yang tenang , jiwa yang mantap , ASSALAMUALAIKUM , SALAM SEJAHTERA , SALAM SATU MALAYSIA , SALAM TANGAN IBU BAPA :D


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basecode: Nurul AtiQah
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teenage girls. ♥


i’m a teenage girl. i cry over the stupidest things. i fry my hair between hot metal plates every single day. i have over 1000 songs on my ipod which is always with me. i’m in a new mood every hour. i lose friends more often then i make them. i fall for guys who aren’t right for me over & over again. i eat way to much chocolate. i can watch a scary movie & be fine until i need to leave the room, them someone has to protect me. i’ve been called a bitch for sticking up for myself & i’ve been called a bitch for liking a certain guy. but the thing people don’t realize is that NOBODY is perfect.

Forget about the bad times, remember all the good. Love with all your heart, live for what you could. Give what you don’t need, hold on tightly to what you do. Don’t lose yourself, it’s way too easy to do.