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hello peeps ! welcome to super awesome. insan yang cemerlang datang nya dari akal hati yang tenang , jiwa yang mantap , ASSALAMUALAIKUM , SALAM SEJAHTERA , SALAM SATU MALAYSIA , SALAM TANGAN IBU BAPA :D


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“I miss him.” I just realized my life is the same without you. But, then to think about it I’m gonna miss your hugs, your voice saying to me “I love you” and I’m gonna miss holding your hand by my side. I realized I’m not gonna get anymore messages from you. You always asked how my day was, and always told me your dreams. I’m gonna miss that. Every since our break up, my heart is torn. If my emotions on the outside seem happy. I was faking it. My feelings right now are hard to explain. I don’t want to talk to you about this because you might not feel the same way. I want you to realize I always loved you from the start. And I am missing you right now. I always ask myself what did I do wrong. You should of talked to me about this. It’s hard for me to think about it. They say to me “There’s other fishes in the sea.” I laff at that. But, I don’t want any other person. I just want you to realize someday that I miss you and love you always. I’m not tryna obsessed over you. Please know that, thank you for listening.