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hello peeps ! welcome to super awesome. insan yang cemerlang datang nya dari akal hati yang tenang , jiwa yang mantap , ASSALAMUALAIKUM , SALAM SEJAHTERA , SALAM SATU MALAYSIA , SALAM TANGAN IBU BAPA :D


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In Love ,

To care about someone so much that your own happiness doesn’t matter anymore - just theirs. there’s nothing you won’t do for them, you just want them to be happy. They fill you with wonder, you are completely amazed by them. And when you are in love with someone, you’ll even let them be with someone else if they can be happier without you. Its a feeling that runs so deep it conquers everything. you’re not afraid of anything. All you want is them, and their happiness. They are your number one priority, over yourself and everything you know. They’re the only thing that matters. They’re the first thing you think about before falling asleep, and the first person to enter your mind in the morning. When your with them everything feels perfect and right. When you look into their eyes, you dont see the color .. you see their soul , you see how much they truly mean to you. Its someone you cant get enought of. You stay up all night thinking about them. When you are with them you want to stay in their arms forever. They are your world. and you can only wish to be theirs …